Friday, 27 March 2009

Please Join The Bone Marrow Registry....

I just came across the heartbreaking story of six-year old Jasmina (click the image above), who is searching desperately for a suitable donor to cure her of a very aggressive form of leukemia. Learn how you can help her and so many others in need of a transplant here. Become a donor.

A generous stranger saved Eric's life. Imagine being able to do that..... Just by joining a registry.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

All Is Well - And We Love It!

Just a quick update to let you all know that all is well.

Eric is having a good week and even Dr B commented this week that he's looking better. Eric is naturally pale, so those who don't know him ALWAYS think his hemoglobin is low. He had a new home care nurse this week (home care comes in weekly to change his picc line dressing) who really didn't get it - insisted that he had to get his blood checked. Eric just rolls his eyes. He knows when he needs blood before any blood test tells us that. Morgan and I can tell by the colour of his lips when he needs blood.

Other than basic blood counts, the only other thing that is getting alot of attention is high potassium. This is due to the immunosuppressant he takes. When the potassium goes high, Eric is prescribed a yucky powder that is mixed with water and will bind excess potassium in his system. He told Cor that it tastes like drywall.... No, I have no idea how he knows what drywall tastes like....

Back to enjoying a nice normal, healthy, week. Ahhhh.....

Saturday, 14 March 2009

100 Days and many more

It's Day +100. In the BMT world it's considered a milestone.

Eric's milestone this week was getting a haircut! First one he's needed in almost a year... Other than that we are trying to ignore blood counts and focus on living life and feeling good.

For anyone who has dieted you know how the scale can dictate how you you feel that day? Even if everything is wonderful, a pound up can ruin your day... Blood counts can do the same thing. We have an entire medical team who can watch blood counts, so we are trying to let them do that. It's hard. When you life depends on this working, it's overwhelming.

But what's the point of getting through a transplant unless you are going to enjoy the life you have been given? So that's the focus - enjoy the day.

Eric - Happy Day 100! Sounds like an excuse to celebrate!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Come Back Next Week!

Yup - as long as Eric keeps feeling good, it's a whole week until we have to head back for another appointment at the hospital. Having been in or driving to the hospital most days this year, this break is truly appreciated. Not the fact that we don't have to get there, but the fact that Eric is well enough and stable enough to be away from the place for that long.

His blood counts have stablized and are on their way up - the graft may be weak, but it's there and sticking. The scan did not yield any new results - we'll just continue to watch those nodes to see if they change. Funny how that is now GOOD NEWS. At one time we would be devastated to have unanswered questions. Now we just enjoy today and the fact that no news is really good news. There is still a long way to go and we're certainly not out of the woods.

But after a few long, very stressful weeks, the relief is sweet.