Friday, 25 July 2008

Deep Breath... Ready, Set, Go

We had a planning meeting today (yes, I know we seem to have had ALOT of those) with the BMT team and have a schedule in place for Eric's transplant. The countdown begins on Tuesday (Day -9) when he will start his conditioning chemo. Chemo continues through Day -2 and on Day 0 (Thursday Aug 7/08) he will receive his donor's marrow. Although he will be considered an inpatient, he will be allowed to remain at home with daily trips to the BMT clinic. When he gets to the point that he is too sick to want to get out of the hospital bed and go home, he will already have inpatient status so getting a bed will not be an issue. We like that approach, it gives him the best of both worlds. Outpatient transplants are not common but if the facilities can support the patient with that type of flexibility and a caregiver is available, most people do very well as a level of activity is maintained and the sheer boredom of a hospital room for several weeks is avoided.

We'll be updating the blog daily to keep you all up to date on how things go!

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