Monday, 1 September 2008

Blogging About Transplants....

So blogging is pretty common in the transplant world (actually I guess it is common in the cancer world...). I have learned so much in reading blogs by other transplant warriors... And of course, how do I find these blogs? Google, of course.

So, I have been wondering... do donors blog too? Found out today that both Eric and I have played the "hmmm.... wonder if our donor wrote about his/her experience in a blog?" game. Hey, what can I say... I am curious!

No, we didn't find any clues online about the mysterious and generous donor but I did find this great story:

Jim's Story

This is a story of a transplant patient who did find his donor through a google search!

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Veronica said...

Wow - Kathy, what an amazing story. I know Duane from the forum has made contact with his donor by way of a letter, but Jim's story is phenomenal - boy,the power of Google!!

I truly hope that Eric gets to meet and thank his donor in person for both their sakes. I suspect that Eric's donor only has a fraction of the knowledge of just what a HUGE thing this person has done.

Hope Eric is continuing to gain strength and you're remembering to take care of YOU too :p..........Vx