Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Out Damn Spot...

Eric has fascinating palms... at least that seems to be the consensus of the BMT team and the Dermatology team who all came to have a look yesterday. He has some minor rashes (wrists, ankles) that we are pretty sure is GvHD -- it's faint and not something that is bothering him or spreading quickly. All agree that we can safely watch it and see if it gets better or worse.

But then there is his palms. He has an odd looking rash on the palms of his hands that everyone agrees is 'different'. It just doesn't look like anything else they have seen - and it doesn't look like any pictures I can find of GvHD. Eric -- you need to take a picture and post it -- maybe someone out there will know what it is!

For now, they have discontinued his Septra (on the longshot that it's an allergic reaction). And his tracro levels were low, so his tacro dosage was increased. Now we wait and see.

And it took most of the day at the hospital for everyone to swing by and look at his hands. Some interesting conjecture from the various specialists. But no one as eccentric as House!

Other than that - all is well. Lots of Thanksgiving dinners coming up this weekend -- and lots to be thankful for!


Veronica said...

I think you should be glad that there is no 'House' on your much as i LOVE that show, the thought of someone like House as my doctor would be terrifying!!

Taking a photo of Eric's hands is a good idea........this is the frustrating part when side-effects appear that don't fit the textbook. Wullie has had that and the blank looks and shurgs of the shoulders are quite disheartening after a while!

Hope Eric's palms are not giving him any bother other than wanting to know what it is..........continuing to think of you both and sending our love........Vx

ps - love your Post-BMT counter :)

Adrienne said...

Over the years, Adrienne has a many rashes that no one had ever seen. Somehow, they managed to clear up on their own so hopefully that'll be the case for Eric and it isn't too bothersome. Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Alison (Adrienne's mom)