Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Waiting... but stable

We are still waiting on the results of chimerism tests that will give us a better view into the status of Eric's graft. The good news today is that his WBC inched up just a tad last week. While no where near normal, the fact that this count has risen on its own (without growth factors) is good news to us. His marrow is making some cells and his health is otherwise good.

He continues to have regular blood testing and is scheduled for more red blood cells and platelets to keep him stable. If you can give blood, now is the time to do so - supplies are down all over and Eric (and many others) will be needing blood in the coming weeks.

As far as drugs go, his tracrolimus has been increased and his septra discontinued. Septra is known to decrease platelets so he will be scheduled to receive Pentamadine. Pentamadine is an inhaled antibiotic that Eric will receive monthly as a prophalactic treatment for PCP, a very serious opportunistic pnuemonia.

Scans are upcoming too. This will be the first set of scans since his transplant and we are certainly hoping to see good results. More to come as the date is confirmed.

A shout out to Paul.... Paul is the owner/manager of the Subway (Carlingwood) that Eric worked at prior to his relapse. Paul is one of those everyday heroes who has kept in touch with Eric. Tonight he's treating Eric to a hockey game -- and trust me... nothing makes him happier than having a chance to see his team play. For any of you wanting to do a little something for Eric - Sens tickets ALWAYS fit! And for those of you in Ottawa, stop by the Subway in Carlingwood and support Paul and his team.

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Veronica said...

Great to hear that Eric is out and about and enjoying the things he loves - ANYTHING to take his mind off the endless round of waiting!

Will keep everything crossed that nothing untoward shows up in the chimerism tests and will be sending the BEST Scottish vibes I possibly can muster for his scans.........thinking of you as always.........Vx