Friday, 16 January 2009

Happy Birthday Eric!

Happy 22nd Birthday Eric! Make it a great day! We'll go out for an early dinner tonight and then Eric and Morgan have plans with friends. It's just so great that he is out of the hospital and is feeling well enough to make plans to celebrate! This is what it's all about.

Eric's doing well. He still goes in daily for IV antibiotics and fluid. His counts fluctuate alot and that drives us crazy. As much as we know this is normal, we have been here before. Expecting just a few more days of daily visits. When this course of antibiotics is over, they will likely move him to weekly visits. If he still needs hydration (to flush the drugs through and help keep creatine counts down), he can get that at home.

Today we are celebrating.


Counts are up today and antibiotics are done! He is discharged from Outpatient BMT and will move to weekly appointments! What a great BDay present!


Veronica said...

Happy Birthday, indeed, Eric - I am so, so happy for you all.....celebrate in style - all of you!!.........Vx

Adrienne said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You deserve so much happiness (and not going to the hospital all the time will definitely help). Big hugs from LV, Alison (Adrienne's mom)

Anonymous said...

ERIC - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you are having an AMAZING DAY TODAY!!!
~Stacy xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday... I hope you and Morgan have a great night out with friends.

Jane Owene

Gail said...

Happy Birthday Eric! Hope it's a great day. I know you are feeling great about breaking free from the daily clinic visits - what a perfect birthday present! Keep the counts coming up!!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day, Eric! Keep those counts up! we are rooting for you!