Saturday, 14 March 2009

100 Days and many more

It's Day +100. In the BMT world it's considered a milestone.

Eric's milestone this week was getting a haircut! First one he's needed in almost a year... Other than that we are trying to ignore blood counts and focus on living life and feeling good.

For anyone who has dieted you know how the scale can dictate how you you feel that day? Even if everything is wonderful, a pound up can ruin your day... Blood counts can do the same thing. We have an entire medical team who can watch blood counts, so we are trying to let them do that. It's hard. When you life depends on this working, it's overwhelming.

But what's the point of getting through a transplant unless you are going to enjoy the life you have been given? So that's the focus - enjoy the day.

Eric - Happy Day 100! Sounds like an excuse to celebrate!


Veronica said...

Way to go, all of you!! Eric wouldn't have got to this momentous day without all the love and support his family have given him, so make sure you go celebrate too, Kathy!! love to all.......Vx

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! So happy for all of you. Do you think Eric would be interested in dying his hair some wild colour? Happy 100th! I am looking forward to celebrating day +150, +200 and +5000 with all of you!


CB said...


This is CB from the board(Cheryl), I just checked your blog.

Greg & his girlfriend Lisa live in Ottawa, he is being treated there and we are from Perth (an hour away).
Greg has one year left to finish Media & Arts at Algonguin

This is amazing.

CB said...

Congratulations on Eric"s 100!!!'


Duane said...

Congrats, Eric!!!!