Tuesday, 14 April 2009

No News is Good News!

Not alot to talk about - Eric has moved to visiting the BMT clinic every 2 weeks now - I don't think we have gone this long without seeing a doctor since last June. April did call him to say she wanted to see a blood test at some point to make sure tacro levels remain stable - but that's just a blood test! Other than that, we are down to waiting for eyebrows to grow in and the end of a runny nose (probably no nose hair - eww - things you didn't want to know!).

Eric surprised me last week with the news that he has signed up for the summer semester at university. Of course we are thrilled that he feels well enough to go back to school. When you have been tied to doctors and hospital visits for as long as Eric has, even school in summer sounds like a welcome break.

Family portrait scheduled for next weekend so maybe I'll have some cool pics to share then.

In the meantime, best vibes, positive thoughts and prayers to all fighting this crappy disease. Hoping for great scans for Adrienne, continued good chemo response to Bekah and a special shout out for a much needed dose of good news to Jake, Jessica and Marsha. Too many people fighting this 'good cancer' for way too long.....


Veronica said...

It's just so good to read your posts, Kathy - puts a huge smile on our faces!
Look forward to the 'cool pics' when you get them........nothing better than family group shots.
And our thoughts are not only always with you, but also with all the other 'warriors' out there battling for their lives - it truly is a crappy disease..........Vx

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

I share in you excitement at on ly having to go to the clinic every 2 weeks. I am an allo SCT survivor of 4 years, 7 years post diagnosis for a form of leukemia that had a 7 month median survival. I am trying now for 3 months between clinic visits but not without some anxiety. I recently wrote about this in my new cancer blogging community - www.beingcancer.net Stop by sometime and take a look. Best wishes, Dennis

Bekah said...

Hey kids,
Lovin' the time away from the docs. Congrats.

Eric -- so glad to hear your getting back to the studies. It'll be so nice for you to get back to normalcy, and a schedule again.

Can't wait to see the family portraits.. and wanted to just say thanks for the positive vibes.

You guys are always in my thoughts, and heart,