Sunday, 10 May 2009

Enjoying Life

Moved into new apartment with cute girlfriend, started summer semester, practicing swing at driving range, golfing, camping... That's Eric's life 5 months post transplant. We are amazed and grateful and enjoying life.

Sometimes this past year seems completely surreal. An anonymous donor stepped up and saved Eric's life - twice. A skillful and caring BMT team never stopped trying and never let us down. Over a hundred days in the hospital, countless blood and platelet transfusions (thank you to all those donors too), endless blood draws, chemo, chemo and more chemo.... And we have our miracle.

A great story in today's Ottawa Sun relates how another anonymous group of strangers makes sure that bone marrow transplants work.

Have Marrow, Will Travel

I wonder who made sure that Eric's new marrow arrived safe and sound?

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there. Enjoy every day - make it all count!


Veronica said...

Kathy - your post had me in tears of happiness. Eric's life is, amazingly, right where it should be, despite the massive bump in the road you all had to negotiate. You have made sure you thank everyone who was involved in Eric's success story - but no mention of yourself??? Tsk, tsk - of all days - make sure you take note of the HUGE role you played in his journey too - bet he couldn't have done it without your stoic support right by his side :0)
Hope you're being well and truly spoilled as I type ;0)..........Vx

JANE OWEN said...


Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's Day, but most of all Oh Happy Days. I'm so glad things are going well.
You guys are close to my heart,