Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Six Months

Eric is 6 month post transplant (transplant #2 that is) and he's doing great. Lately his challenges have been pretty normal day in and day out problems - rainy camping trips, a burnt out video card in his PC, classes that are a bit mundane. We are constantly thankful that our lives are returning to normal (whatever that is...).

I will continue to update the blog on occasion, but if you don't see updates, please assume that all is well and that we are busy living our lives!


Anonymous said...

Hey its Kevin, one of Eric's camping buddies. It was rainy but the worst of the weather was the snow storm that hit us right at the half way point of our hike. But as Eric can tell you, bad weather during camping trips are a return to normal.

Veronica said...

LOVING your 'normal' posts

Anonymous said...

Kathy, Eric, and Family!!!
WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!!! 6 months already!!!!
Think of you guys often and I love to read the happy news! Have a wonderful, busy NORMAL summer :)

xoxoxo Stacy