Saturday, 9 February 2008

Don't Know What's Going On....

Eric had a mild fever that has been on and off since Wednesday evening. Went into the BMT clinic yesterday - of course he had no fever then - I think he was 36.5. Anyway, they drew blood and sent it off to see if they can grow any more cultures. As he had a very full round of antibiotics due to the abscess (10 days of PipTaz, Vancomycin and Ertopenen), they don't think that this is related to that. And he feels fine.

So, all is well until last night when he spiked a fever of 38.7. He called the Hematologist on Call -- NO ANSWER! Still feeling fine so he went to bed. Talked to him this morning and he feels fine and his temp is sitting at 37.

Obviously we need to sort out how to get in touch with the BMT team.

Anyway, he has a schedule for his stem cell collection. Expect to start Neupogen late next week and collect cells Feb 19 - 21. Woohoo -- finally a plan starting to take shape.

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