Sunday, 17 February 2008

Pain in the A$$

That darn PITA is back... the abscess from hell just won't seem to go away. Eric was in the hospital yesterday because his butt is sore again. Dr Faught was on and he was happy to see a doctor he knows well. No way of knowing how bad the abscess still is -- they need to get another MRI done. It is nowhere near as bad as it was last month -- and his white counts are good right now. So, they gave him some IV antibiotics (as long as he was there anyway, why not?) and sent him home with a couple of prescriptions. Hopefully that fixes it once and for all.

He's taking his Neupogen shots again and has some bone pain from that -- nothing too bad, he just knows it's there. He gets huge doses daily split into two shots that he gives himself in the stomach. The neopogen stimulates his bone marrow to make more cells and when the bones are overly full (that's what causes the pain), the marrow will release stem cells into the blood stream. Hopefully they will be able to collect those stem cells starting on Tuesday.

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