Saturday, 17 May 2008

Living Life

We have had beautiful Spring weather for the past couple of weeks and we have all enjoyed it tremendously. With the BMT team busy working behind the scenes, it has been great for Eric to have a break and live life without chemo or neupogen shots or multiple weekly appointments.

Eric is still doing great; feeling good and ready to get this transplant done!

ODSP has approved his disability claim and that will certainly relieve some of the financial stress and worry. And to hand out kudos when they are due, ODSP and Ontario Works have been very helpful and prompt in their applications process and approvals. I had heard of and read about many, many complaints regarding ODSP, their slow response times, need for multiple appeals etc. None of that happened. The doctors provided all information that was requested, Eric completed the paperwork in a timely manner and then ODSP reviewed and approved within the expected timeframe. Eric truly needs this support and the bureaucracy worked as it should for him.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have joined OneMatch or donated blood. Remember, joining OneMatch is easy. You do not need an appointment - it's an online form, a phone call from a nurse and then mailing back a couple of cheek swabs. It literally takes only minutes. There is no cost. You can save a life.


Pat said...

Glad to hear your positive comments about ODSP & OW. My son's application and process was very similar and he was approved within 6 weeks after the ODSP application was made.

Unfortunately, most applicants do not have an advocate and I believe this is what frustrates the workers and delays the processes. It's a hard road for those less fortunate (i.e. no family support, less schooling, chronic pain etc) dealing with all the bureaucracy.

Good luck with your son.


SkinnyKitty said...

Got two more of my friends to sign up for onematch today. :)

My arm is a bit bruised from my latest donation, but I brought two new people with me to the blood bank this week. :)

Love Shelley