Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Day - 9

Eric had his first infusion of conditioning chemo today (Fludarabine 30mg/m2 for you avid Googlers or PubMed afficionados). The purpose of this drug is to clean out his bone marrow and 'make room' for the donor marrow next week. This drug is not expected to have too many nasty side effects but Eric has a good supply of drugs to help counteract any minor nausea. Of course, any minor nausea could also be caused by the lunch at McDonalds.

As we expected, the chemo was quick but the paperwork was long and painful. The idea is that by completing all the admission work today, it will be quicker and simpler when/if Eric needs to stay as an overnight inpatient. I know Eric would love to complete this transplant outpatient, but Mom is sure glad there is a contingency plan in place...

That's it for today - may the next 6 weeks be similarly boring!


Tine Dikland deVos said...

Eric , Kathy and the rest of the family My prayer are with you all.
I hope that the next few weeks are easy to cope with and the treatments are working to your advantage. May God give you the strenght you need, All the best.
Love Tine.

Veronica said...

Just wanted to let you know I found your blog and have added it to my 'favourites' to make sure I keep track of how you're both doing. Can't imagine how scary this must be for you, Kathy....but you sound like an incredibly strong and loving mother. Know we're right there with you, in spirit, and please give Eric a hug from us here in Scotland........xx