Thursday, 11 September 2008

Discharged from BMT!

Eric was officially discharged from the Bone Marrow Transplant program yesterday! Although he has been outpatient for most of the transplant, this does mean that he no longer has to make daily trips to the hospital. It also signifies that his blood counts have finally climbed into a low normal range (rather than a critical range) and he is doing well.

He will continue to get hydration daily at home. The drugs have been hard on his kidneys and the hydration is to support his kidneys while his immunosuppressants are tweaked. He'll have twice weekly appointments for a while to check blood counts and his overall health.

For me, it means that I am at home! I have lived at the kids apartment since the end of July. Both times I came home for a visit, Eric ended up in Emergency! I am going back to work next week and will probably bounce between Morrisburg and the apartment a bit depending on what Eric needs and how he's feeling. We have left one car in Ottawa for Morgan and Eric so we may have to figure out car logistics for the next while.

Thanks again for all your well wishes, comments, emails and calls -- it is appreciated.


Veronica said...

Home Sweet Home, Kathy - enjoy!

Absolutely amazed at how well both you and Eric have managed throughout this really tough time........can't believe you have to return to work next week - you deserve at least a month's holiday after all you've been through :(

Continuing to think of you both......Vx

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I am so happy that all is going well! Prayers that all continue to go on the same path!

Kelly Chambers
(Tyler's mom)