Thursday, 16 October 2008

2 Units of A-

For the first time in several weeks, Eric got a couple of units of blood today. And this was the first time that he received his new blood type.... A-. It is very weird to think that his blood type is now different -- definitely seems like something from a science fiction novel.

The funny bumpy rash on his palms looks a bit better. When we went in for his weekly appointment on Tuesday, all the docs had the same shrugs -- not sure what it is or if anything needs to be done. Finally Dr Huebsch comes in... takes one look and says, those are milia -- probably malignant milia. And he sent his team off to research 'milia'. If you have seen baby acne on a newborn, that's what this is. Because Eric is an adult and his immune system is still in its infancy, these darn milia multiplied out of control. So, nothing to worry about -- the milia will remain as a interesting topic of conversation but nothing serious. Dr H has been in the BMT business for decades - nothing replaces experience!

The other minor rashes he had have disappeared. Was it GvHD? Maybe, maybe not.

Other than low hemoglobin that was giving him a headache, no issues -- all continues to go well.

An interesting comment from one of the doctors this week was that they consider Eric's transplant to be a full Allo rather than a mini Allo. I didn't get a chance to ask alot of questions and I guess I was just so surprised to hear that comment that I really didn't know what to ask.... I guess Iam glad that I am only hearing this now -- sometimes ignorance is easier. If I had known this was a full Allo a few months ago, it would have been one more reason to lie awake at night.


Duane said...

Hi Kathy,

So glad to hear that Eric is pressing along so well. I used to be a A-. I forgot what my new blood type is. This whole change . . . it's remarkable, isn't? But it's a change for the best, a better more hopeful future (we hope).

Tyler Chambers said...

Hey Kathy
Sounds like Eric is doing pretty well. Tyler remained A+ in his blood type. Boy so many things that we continue to learn,Huh?!
Take care guys!


Veronica said...

Yet another great post, Kathy - thanks for keeping us up to date. Glad to hear that some issues are resolving themselves and here's to the new A- blood doing its job and resolving the rest!

Continuing to think of you both..........Vx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy! I'm Glad to hear that Eric continues to do well :)
Hope you are doing well too :)
Take good Care,
Stacy xo

Adrienne said...

Adrienne went from an O+ to A+. It was tough for awhile but now she's fine though I'm still not used to seeing A on the transfusion bags.

There's no replacement for experience, especially in the world of BMT. I'm glad they figured out the rash.

Hugs, Alison (Adrienne's mom)