Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Empty Marrow

We got the news we expected today. Eric's bone marrow biopsy shows empty marrow. There are no cells there to make new blood cells. Why? We don't know yet and we may never know... Sometimes it's viral and sometimes it's an obvious host rejection. Most of the time, the doctors do not find the cause.

So What's Next?

Although 'the plan' isn't in place yet, Eric will receive another infusion of donor cells. Yes, he will also need more chemo (not sure yet what the chemo will be killing...) Basically it's another transplant.

We have suspected this for the last couple of weeks so I think we are all in the 'let's do it' mode already.

Eric is feeling pretty good. The fever has not returned so hopefully the antibiotics will keep it at bay. Today they moved him back to the BMT unit, so he's set up in a nice private room with all the best nurses and the special menus.

The human spirit continues to amaze me - I am in awe of what we can do when we have to. But really! Eric and Morgan and all of us are plenty strong. We really don't need to keep proving it.


Adrienne said...

Oh no. I know you had your suspicions but this is still so very disappointing. I hope Eric is comfortable in the BMT unit. It's not your own bed but hopefully you can make it close. Please let us know if there's anything we can do. Big hugs from Las Vegas, Alison (and Adrienne)

Veronica said...

I could tell that your thoughts were headed in this direction but truly believed/hoped that it wouldn't be so.

Feeling very helpless, but hope that the love I'm sending you both reaches you.

And yes - I am in awe of YOUR spirit and strength and agree that you shouldn't have to keep proving much in our thoughts...........Vx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, I'm sorry this is the direction you guys are going...BUT, remember what you told me when i was in a panic a few weeks back...Dr. H. is like the BEST in his field. Eric is in GREAT hands :)
I wish you guys didn't have to keep proving how strong we already know you are.
Thinking about you,
Stacy xoxoxoxoxo