Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Feeling Better But Waiting for Answers

Eric is feeling better today and the high fever (it hit 38.9 C last night) seems to have disappeared. This afternoon his temp was normal and despite his lack of appetite, he was happy to share a bag a chips with me. He's actually looking pretty good today and his sense of humour remains intact!

So, just to recap what's going on.... Eric had a full ablative allo transplant on August 7/08. He engrafted without serious complication and had even changed to his donor's blood type (he went from O neg > A neg). He maintained good RBC, WBC and platelet counts until mid-October. Since then all his counts have dropped. While a graft rejection is the first suspect, it is now clear that there is something destroying his blood cells (and, who knows? graft failure may also be an issue). We are currently waiting on bone marrow biopsy results to help the team determine what's going on and what we need to do to stop it.

So, at this point he is dependent on transfusions of blood and platelets and will be on IV antibiotics to kill off any opportunistic infection that may have caused the high fever.

Today was a stat holiday for most of Canada so few test results were expected. Tomorrow, we do hope that the docs will have a better view into the state of his bone marrow and start devising a solution.

But tonight there is a Sens game on and Eric's main concern today was that the TV guy would get his television turned on so that he wouldn't miss the game. I guess the TV guy was in a good mood today - he turned on the feed even without grabbing his horrendous weekly fee (cash only please) in advance....

Wondering what you can do to help? Obviously, those of you who can give blood, please do so. Other than that, prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts are all needed and welcome. For the Hodgkins folks who are always reading and so well educated in this crappy disease and its treatments, please forward any studies or research you may come across regarding graft failure, hemolytic anemia and pancytopenia.

Oh and for all you Aunts and Uncles, the TV guy prefers cash ;))))


Anonymous said...

Darn it!
I haven't checked in for a while and I didn't want to hear any problems! If I find anything about any of this I will definately send it your way!

Prayers are with you guys

Adrienne said...

Gosh, sometimes it seems like one thing after another, doesn't it? Hopefully it's one thing and not another. Take it easy and try not to get any more fevers. I hope the BMB gives you some answers. Hugs, Alison (Adrienne's mom)

Bekah said...

Just here,
Sending Love,
Here for an email or call -- any day.

You and Eric, will be on my mind tomorrow and the next.

Loving from afar,


Veronica said...

Hey Kathy.......sounds like you're not expecting good results from the BMB?? I truly hope that is not the case and that has just been one of these little bugs that affect a weakened system.

Continuing to send our best tartan vibes (they're officially the best in the world :) ).......much love to you, Kathy............Vx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy - just got caught up on the blog - So sorry to hear of Erics troubles ... BOO :( I hope things get resolved VERY soon :) I'm (as always) sending my prayers, good vibes and positive thoughts to Eric and your family :)
~Stacy xoxo