Friday, 14 November 2008

Surprise! He's Home!

We were very surprised today when the doctor told Eric they would spring him from the confines of the hospital - at least for a while. With his fever gone and everything a bit settled, he is home and will return daily for blood work and IV antibiotics. He'll still need blood and platelets regularly and he is confined to his apartment. If he's out, he has to wear a mask.

The remains of yesterday's extreme reaction to the CT scan dye are still very visible. Because his platelets are low, the swelling and subsequent vomiting caused a flood of petechiae, a couple of black eyes and a burst blood vessel or two in his eyes. He looks like he met up with Rocky in a back alley.

In the meantime, the BMT team is working in the background to firm up plans for another transplant. As Eric's donor is anonymous, OneMatch now has all the information and will work with the donors (we don't know if he will have the same donor) to establish timelines and next steps.

While it is a bit scary to be out of the hospital after this roller coaster of a week, at least Eric can be comfortable at home and we have the full support of the BMT group again should issues arise.


Veronica said...

The CT reaction just sounds horrible - but I'm glad Eric gets to be home and be spoilled for a little while - no place like home, is there??

Thinking of you both..........Vx

Tine. said...

Sorry I hadn't read the blog for a while and just found out what you all are dealing with, I will continue to pray for strength and healing and know that you will be on my mind at all time. God bless you all. Love Tine.

Bekah said...

Hey K --

Ugh, I'm so sorry about Eric's reaction to the dye. Low platelets are no fun, and neither is vomiting, or the mask.

Just, no fun at all.

I'm sorry to hear about this rollercoaster. But glad to hear the BMT team is firming up plans for the near future.

As always, sending my love up to you guys,