Friday, 2 January 2009

Day +29

Blood counts continue to rise - his WBC is actually in the low normal range at 3.5! After 2 months with a .1 WBC, this is nothing short of a miracle. Platelets and HgB have risen the last two days without transfusion -- that hasn't happened since early October.

Those WBCs are being put to work (and this is probably one reason they are multiplying so quickly) on the abscess. They are having a look today via ultrasound and they may decide to drain it. With higher counts, draining is an option. We expect it would be similar to the procedure he had last winter to drain the perianal abscess. That was managed laparoscopically. We'll know more once the specialist has a look at the ultrasound. I wish we had kept a count of the number of doctors who have been involved in Eric's transplants and ongoing care. As well as the BMT and Lymphoma specialists, we have been fortunate to have a wide range of specialists consult on every issue that has arisen. We are indeed lucky to have access to the healthcare we do.


Veronica said...

Ugh - that abscess sounds nasty :0(
Hope that it gets sorted quickly.

The health system really comes into its own when people really need it - we moan a lot about the National Health Service in the UK, but when the crunch comes it DOES work.....thankfully!

Love 'n' hugs as always..........Vx

bella said...

Congratulations Eric!! Way to go with the increased counts! Keep 'em coming up :)


Duane said...

So glad to hear that Eric's medical team has been amazing. That is SO important.

Here's to renewed health and possibilities in '09!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, It's Kevin... (I don't have a google account) I'm glad to hear your starting to feel better. Congratz on the higher WBC count. Your going to need them come summer; we're going to have a lot of camping to catch up on!

Anonymous said...

Eric and family,
Keep up the fight. I am at day +14and going home tomorrow from my allo.My team at the U of Michigan has been fabulous too. I have lots of camping to do this summer too.
LLS board dmarie1958