Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Thank you

"A Pair of Shoes" was a poem I have come across a few times. Yesterday, I found it again, tucked at the bottom of Tyler's blog and I wanted to share it with all the Moms I know - especially for those who are wearing shoes like mine - or the similarly styled 'caregiver shoes'. You (and again, you all know who you are) have become a very special support team for me.

Eric continues to be my hero - he is relieved to have that damn colonoscopy over with. Now the team needs to look at all the pieces and figure out what's up. In the meantime, he's feeling pretty good but as shocked as all of us to learn about Tyler.

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Tam said...

I couldn’t go to bed tonight until I read all 100+ posts of your son/ your experiences over the past year with his transplants. I live in Ottawa as well and spent most of 2008 doing 8 cycles of ABVD for Hodgkin’s (stage 2B). My last chemo was in Dec. In Jan I had my follow up and was unhappy (to say the least) to hear that the cancer is not gone and I will likely require a bone marrow transplant in a few months.
I have not had my BMT clinic meeting yet, but in the mean time I am trying to learn as much as I can about what might come about; your blog has been very helpful.

It’s weird to read about all the things you guys were going through over the last year in and out of the same places I was. I always wondered what the lives were like of the other faces I saw in medical daycare at the General. Although I’m sure I never saw you guys, I always kept a desperate look out for anyone under the age of 50… my experience is that 20-somethings in treatment were rare last year.

I was hoping you could provide me with some advice having just finished this process in the same places with the same people. Could you tell me any tips on things I might do to prepare for this round in Apr/May (while I’m feeling good now). Things you guys wish you had gotten done, or things you felt people didn’t tell you but would have like to know before you agreed to this and that.

My experience with my first treatment is that there was a lot of things people didn’t tell me, I got lost in the shuffle between nurses and paperwork. I often feel like if I don’t know to ask the question, I go without… so I need to be prepared.

My blog is http://gooddesigngonebad.blogspot.com/ and my email is: tamdeswart@hotmail.com
(Warning I’m in my unhappy stage of cancer right now. My blogs are all bitch and complain at the moment… but it’s a truth that may help others, as your blog has already helped me.)
Hope to hear from you soon,