Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Goodbye PICC!!!

There are bits and pieces of this journey that became tolerable only because the alternative was intolerable.

Since January 2008, Eric has had a PICC line in his arm. It was a Godsend for hundreds of blood draws, countless transfusions, endless bags of fluid and many rounds of chemo. It saved his veins and prevented complications.

But, it meant that Eric had to wrap and tape his arm before every shower, he has not been able to swim, lift or exercise. In the summer, long sleeves don't cover it and people stare - Eric stares back.

That PICC got pulled out today and while it truly is miniscule in the context of the last 18 months, it is a huge victory for Eric.

So, we celebrate another milestone. Today, I am grateful again for our donor, our medical team and the Canadian health care system.

I just read this article posted by Duane on his blog and thought, there but for the grace of God go I...... With Son in Remission, Family Looks for Coverage . I realize that universal medical care is a topic that can cause heated debate amongst some of my American friends. But I am grateful that I can look around my office or neighbourhood and know that everyone is able to get the same remarkable medical care that Eric receives.

And because you've asked.... family portraits turned out awesome! But you will have to wait a bit to see them.


Veronica said...

Hoooorrrraaayyyy! No more PICC line :0) Wullie had a Hickmann which caused him no end of problems with constant infections but which helped so much with the blood draws, transplant and numerous infusions - he felt so much more human without his 'udders' as he called them! It's another tangible step towards the desired 'normality' - hope Eric enjoys all the swimming, lifting and stare-free t-shirt wearing that he'll be able to do now! ;0)
And I know where you're coming from re. health care. We're in the same boat as you and benefit from worry-free universal health care, but on the flip-side we know that should (heaven forbid) Wullie was to relapse again, his treatment choices will be far more limited than if he were in the U.S......
And of course, I cannot wait to see those family pics :0)....love to all..........especially Dexter!.........Vx

B. said...

Congrats Eric, thank the LORD that it's finally out. I don't know how you managed to wrap it up for that long!

Here's to the beginning of sunshine, summer classes, and normalcy!

Sending love to you guys,


Anonymous said...

Kathy - Can't wait to see your beautiful pics!
stacy xoxo

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Someday PICCs will be a distant memory and time post-transplant will be measured in years not days. I just added you to my Cancer Blogs Links Page. Take care,Dennis beingcancer.net