Saturday, 4 April 2009

Mmm Mmm Good....

What a great feeling to see an excited doctor instead of those looks of concern...

Friday's appointment brought more good news with all blood counts increasing, tacro levels stable and potassium finally within a normal range. The balancing act is working! The change in tacro dosage seems to have allowed this graft to take off and do what we have been waiting for! Eric is now back to being a 'normal' Allo BMT patient. After the roller coaster of the last 8 months - that is fabulous news for us.

Morgan - hope you had a fantastic birthday party last night! You deserve it! (and you'll have to give me the goods on Eric's party planning skills...)


Veronica said...

Oh Kathy - just keep this good news coming - absolutely fantastic!!! Give that boy of yours a huge hug and wish Morgan belated birthday wishes from across the pond also!..........Vx

Bekah said...

Whooooooop! This is AMAZING news K. I'm so happy for you, Eric, Morgan, Shell, the whole family... like you've said before the balance is the most important part and it looks like you and the doc team are doin' just that.

Could not have a bigger smile on my face. It must feel like a ton of weight is off your back. Even though I know there's still a long road, this is an a-mazing start. And, I just wanted to share my sincerest congratulations to you, ERIC!

Damn. So good. I LOVE the word normal :)

Also -- Happy Birthday to YOU Morgan, hope Eric and the fam were able to spoil you a bit, as I know you've played a huge role in Eric's awesomeness the last year.

Congrats to all of ya --
You'll be hearing huge cheers coming from Boston on Monday, from Fenway Park. (Okay... so maybe it's just the sox home opener, but that's how much love, all of us... have for you guys.)

Congrats, love, and congrats again,


Adrienne said...

Congratulations on finally being a normal allo patient and everything else returning to normal. Enjoy every minute. Hugs, Alison (Adrienne's mom)

Anonymous said...

So Kathy, when do we get to go "shoe" shopping? I think you may be needed a new pair of shoes.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous News for you guys!
I am SO happy to hear that Eric continues to do well :) And I love hearing that he is feeling well!!!
Take Care,
Stacy xo