Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Stringing Together Good Weeks

Not that long ago, I was writing about having 2 good days in a row. Now that we are seeing good WEEKS in a row, it seems unbelievable. So what is a good week like? Eric still has low blood counts, but they are stable and slowly rising. He has not had Neupogen or Procrit to boost his counts and his last transfusion was about a month ago. A recent chimerism test (looking at the DNA of his blood) shows that he is 96% donor. He has a good appetite and can pretty much do whatever he wants. It feels like nothing short of a miracle considering how he sick he was through the winter.

Interesting situation when Eric went to pick up a prescription on Wednesday. He is covered by Ontario Drug Benefits (comes with ODSP and homecare). Some of his drugs are very expensive (this particular drug is $3000.00/month). Those spendy prescriptions do get an extra layer of approval and that has never been a problem. However, there were delays at the pharmacy on Wednesday. Turns out that the Ontario government (Ontario Drug Benefits) are a little tardy paying their bills! They had not paid their bill with the pharmacy for the last 2 prescriptions so there was a balance of $6000.00 owing in spite of the extra approvals. WOW -- no wonder there are pharmacies who are wary of dealing with Ontario Drug Benefits.

So, I guess they used this latest prescription as a bit of leverage to ensure payment. They are classy though and to ensure that Eric wasn't impacted, they delivered the prescription to his door once they had dealt with the government and it's lagging payments.

And in other news -- Dexter... He just keeps growing! Nothing is safe. Now that the counters need to be cleared (to make sure HE doesn't clear them), he has learned to take things OUT OF THE KITCHEN SINK! And if you notice we frequently wear mismatched socks... well, I refuse to buy more until he stops eating them. Sure glad sandal weather is almost here.

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Veronica said...

Hooray for the miracles of modern medicine :0) It is absolutely fantastic to hear how well Eric is doing - what a relief and a joy for all of you to witness such an amazing turnaround.

Enjoy Dexter's demolition tricks - they're not puppies for long!!! :0)
(says she who plans to never have a puppy again!!).......thanks for keeping us updated, supermom!!......Vx