Monday, 14 April 2008

Somewhat Normal...

We have been enjoying a somewhat normal life lately! Eric continues to feel well while waiting for the next 'round' -- he and Morgan have tickets to the Sens game tonight. I think we are all waiting for that team to play a good playoff game!

Had a bit of excitement last week when Eric got called in at the last minute for an appointment on Friday. Fridays are generally reserved for emergencies at the BMT clinic, so it was odd. We got there to find out that the homecare nurse who cleans and dresses his PICC line weekly had called the doctor to say his PICC was infected. Obviously with Eric's history of serious infection, the team wanted to see him immediately. We said "infection? what infection?" His PICC line looks the same as always. The doctor took one look and rolled her eyes -- it was indeed a perfectly healthy looking PICC....

Now, don't get me wrong -- it was delightful to have a doctor's appointment without any bad news... But really! Considering that I have already made about 50 trips (160 KM roundtrip) to the hospital in the first quarter of the year, we really don't need to be in there just for kicks and giggles.

The homecare nurses provide a valuable service, but the quality is inconsistent. When Eric was dehydrated and running a fever, they never bothered to report it his doctor. I hate to think that there are people completely dependent on this service who have no other source of information and support.

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