Saturday, 19 April 2008

Third Time is the Charm?

We're at it again. On Monday Eric starts a new protocol to stimulate stem cell production and mobilization. He'll make daily visits to the Haematology Medical Day Care Unit to receive a drug called Stemgen. In googling this drug, most of the information is coming from Australia and New Zealand (and a bit from Canada). Leads me to believe that it is not a drug in use in the USA (thus the limited info!).

We understand that there are some allergic responses to Stemgen so they will load him up on antihistamines and he'll have to hang around and be observed after every shot. He'll also have to carry and Epipen in case of severe allergic reaction.

He'll receive 10 days worth of the Stemgen in combination with Neupogen and then we hope to collect either stem cells (via apheris) or do a surgical bone marrow harvest. He went through the pre-op processes yesterday and the surgical bone marrow harvest would be on May 1. Canadian Blood Services will then do a count and we'd know on the Friday if there are sufficient stem cells to proceed with an autologous SCT.

We are hoping and praying that this third attempt is indeed the charm. Your prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts are again requested and as always much appreciated.

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