Thursday, 21 August 2008

Day + 13 WBC = 0.2!!

Yeah!!!! It's 13 days post transplant and today we saw the white blood count nudge up from 0.1 to 0.2! This is a good sign and is as early as we could have possibly hoped for.

White blood cells are the first cells to show up following transplant and we hope they quickly get to work to start to relieve Eric's mucositis .

Still a long path ahead, but this is certainly a glimmer of sunshine at the end of that tunnel!

Thursday's Blood Counts Day 13

WBC 0.2
Hgb 72 (got 2 units of RBCs today)
Platelets 42

edited.... because apparently I am challenged in counting to Day 13 and establishing the correct day of the week! Be glad I am not trying to manage projects while we manage this BMT!


Anonymous said...


You'll be eating hamburgers before you know it.
Hang in there you two your almost over the hump.

Thinking of you...


Veronica said...

What fantastic news, Kathy - I remember when Wullie got cells, he phoned from the hospital, crying, he was so relieved that his body was doing its job........we then emailled everyone we knew (and probably some we didn't :p) just to spread our happiness.

So happy for you both. I'm sorry about the mucositis - hope Eric's getting enough pain meds to counteract it........continuing to think of you both...........Vx

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that things are progressing: that Eric has been able to continue out-patient, and especially that his new immune system is sparking up!!! I think this calls for a shot of magic mouthwash on the house! You both are in my thoughts, Nora

Duane said...

Excellent, excellent news!! ;)

Veronica said...

Ha! Had me thinking I was going mad for a second there - thanks for adding that you'd edited it, I was sure it said day +12 earlier!!

ps - you're managing just fine ;)


Tyler Chambers said...

Hang in there Eric! I know Tyler was miserable with the mucositis, in fact he finally gave in and recieved some morphine to help. I hope this quickly passes.
Sending you {{{HUGS}}} and prayers for a QUICK recovery
Your friends
Kelly and Tyler Chambers