Friday, 1 August 2008

Day -6

Eric had his fourth and final infusion of Fludarabine this morning. All is well -- these infusions are fast and he has been fortunate to have no side effects.

Tomorrow he starts the Busulfan as well as several drugs to help counter-act the more serious side effects of this chemo. The Busulfan is given over 3 hours so we will have longer stays in the Day Unit as well.

This week he has also had a chance to meet with the supporting members of the BMT team including the Pharmacist (Harry and Eric have become good friends!), the dietician and the social worker. While meeting with these people, I realized what a blessing it was that we could not proceed to a transplant earlier in the year. During this waiting period, Eric has been able to improve his health, figure out disability insurance and stabilize his finances. Through improved nutrition, he has put on a much needed 25 pounds, then added a few more so that he is entering his SCT with some padding! An Allo transplant is very hard on the body and mind. We are glad that Eric is in good shape to take on this challenge.

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