Sunday, 17 August 2008

A Long Day

Today started with a 38C fever at 3am.... Into to the hospital to start a broad spectrum antibiotic and blood cultures. Of course once there, the fever had disappeared. During the day he had a couple of more units of blood (in addition to 2 units of RBCs and one of platelets on Saturday). More antibiotics before we headed for home around noon. We both grabbed a pillow and a couch and napped and watched TV all afternoon.

The fever hovers between 37 - 38 and no signs of infection that anyone can find. So we'll continue with daily IV antibiotics and monitor as always. Other than a very sore mouth and throat, he's hanging in there - what a tough kid! A Fentanyl patch and some morphine helps somewhat - at least he can sleep and can still swallow pills, sip Boost, milkshakes, etc. Not a chance he'll be eating a hamburger today!

He's losing his hair again so shaved his head -- but is very itchy everywhere. I guess that is the hair dying and falling out.

Today's Counts

WBC 0.1
Hgb 79
Platelets 29

1 comment:

Veronica said...

Not a fun time, Kathy :(

It brings back so many memories.......lots of low and high fevers to contend with - the pain in the mouth and the lack of hair........but it DOES end,'ll take a few more days but this too will pass.

Thinking of you both, SO and hugs......xx