Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Navigating Unknown Territory

Well, the speed bump has become unknown territory... Eric's blood counts continue to be low. A number of tests are pending including a chimerism panel that will tell us what percentage donor cells are present. In the meantime, more blood and platelets and regular testing to monitor status.


Veronica said...

And as we all know, the unknown is the worst place to be........hope you get answers soon - love and hugs.........Vx

Anonymous said...

Kathy -
BIG HUGS. Stay strong.
Think about you and your family lots.

Bekah said...

Thinking of you, Kath.

Always here, hoping Eric is doing well.

Please keep us updated.
Sending love,


Shelley Jean Photography said...

Mom / Eric,

Thinking about you guys, as always.

Dave and I donate this week, so we'll keep the banks full until they can figure something out.