Sunday, 30 November 2008


Shelley and Dave are married and it was a wonderful week in Punta Cana - sun, sand and family. It was a nice relaxing week for Cor and I. But we all missed Eric and Morgan terribly. I can't wait to plan a family vacation for all of us. A week away and I am fully charged and ready to help Eric through the next transplant. Yes, transplant #2 is scheduled.

Last Wednesday we found out that our wonderful donor has agreed to donate again (marrow, so this means surgery for her/him). I now fully understand the need for anonymity - how could I ever begin to repay this person for their generosity - not just once but twice. To all of you who have been able to join the bone marrow donor registry, please accept my grateful and humble thanks - any of you could be saving someone's life.

So Eric started conditioning chemo on Saturday and the transplant is scheduled for Thursday. This round of chemo will be milder (I guess there is not much to kill off) and will be augmented with Campath. As I understand it (and I haven't talked to the doctors yet), this drug will help to reduce the T cells. I also think this drug will eliminate the need for plasma pharesis (which Eric hated).

He'll also be inpatient for this transplant because he has so recently experienced fevers (no infection found despite a robust series of tests). While the outpatient transplant option is great and I feel that it worked well for Eric in August, I think we are both relieved to be inpatient this time. As well as the recent fevers and the fact that this is a second transplant in 4 months, the winter season is here and a snow or ice storm could make a daily commute to the hospital close to impossible. This combination of risks cannot be ignored or mitigated.

As always, your prayers, positive thoughts and blog comments are truly appreciated and welcome.


Veronica said...

Hola! Indeed Kathy - great to have you back :0) And Shelley looks absolutely beautiful - is there a photo of the proud mom too??

Wow - things are moving fast for Eric. His donor is indeed an incredible human being - I was close to tears reading of the generosity shown by this stranger. I cannot tell you how much I hope it works for Eric this time know I'll be here rooting for him, all the to all........Vx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of your daughter and her husband Kathy!!! I hope you had a wonderful time!!!

Amazing that Eric is going to have his 2nd transplant so quickly!!! At least there is less of a "wait" as far as that is concerned :)

A wonderful person Erics donor is for sure :)

We're thinking of you guys!!!! TAKE CARE :)

S xoxo

Tyler Chambers said...

What a beautiful picture of the bride and groom.
I am so sorry that Eric has to go through this again, but what a great donor he has! I guess you can find blessings in anything and his donor is truly that!
Take care!
Kelly Chambers