Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Biggest Bag O Marrow Ever!

Today was transplant day and that was the biggest bag of cells that anyone had ever seen! Just under 2 litres of marrow! It was alot of fluid for Eric to take in (combined with all the regular IV antibiotics and antifungals) but it's all in there and hopefully lots of stem cells will be ready to set up housekeeping.

The actual transplant is just like a blood transfusion - it is not terribly exciting to watch. Although, I look at that bag of cells with amazement and think of the years of research behind procedures such as a bone marrow transplant. Eric is fine - Morgan arrived with a Booster Juice for him just as I was leaving and they had just watched the wedding video.

Dear donor, I hope you are not too sore following the bone marrow aspiration. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Kathy and Eric,

We are thinking of you and wishing Eric a fast engraftment.

Hugs and kisses,


Anonymous said...

Kathy -
Glad everything went off as planned!
Eric - REST LOTS...Let those stems/marrow do what they need to do! :) Thinking of you and wishing you all things WONDERFUL!

Veronica said...

Here's hoping that that BIG ol' bag of marrow does the trick.......engraftment and recovery here we come............Vx

Anonymous said...

I hope this time does the trick for Eric, God bless and Eric, I know how that feel because went through that with my son Andre almost 90 days ago. I watch Eric progress every day.