Saturday, 27 December 2008

Day 23

Eric's WBC is still rising slowly - but it is going in the right direction. He's had a few minor issues over the last few days - his PICC line had to be re-adjusted after migrating and coiling up near his heart. This meant that he had to have a traditional IV for his antibiotics etc and his TPN was discontinued for a bit. A final adjustment late yesterday and subsequent xray showed that the line is back where it should be.

He's had a sore belly and will have a CT scan later today to see if anything shows up. Pain meds are keeping any pain under control. We do need to remind him that there are no medals for putting up with pain and that he really will get better quicker when he is 'feelin no pain'.

He's still not eating much of anything. Solid foods seem to upset his stomach. He does drink juices and Ensure or Boost. We'll bring in a Booster Juice later today for a bit of a change.

We had a nice Christmas although very different from other years. We took turns visiting Eric to keep him company and that worked well. We'll definitely plan on another turkey dinner when Eric feels better!

Dexter is keeping us smiling! He's had a steady stream of visitors lately and loves every minute of it. He's just fit into the family wonderfully and is just what we all needed to make us laugh and give us 'Dexter' stories. Morgan and her family came for a visit yesterday and he has definitely added her to his favorite people list. Shelley and Dave were home for Christmas and brought their cat Helix -- let's just say that Dexter has NOT added Helix to his fave lists!


Veronica said...

Awww - Dexter is gorgeous!! My 3 year old is sitting beside me and is fascinated with the pic of Dexter - she wants to know if he's real and goes 'woof'!! :0)

Glad to hear that things are moving in the right direction. And tell Eric that the only medals going are for when he gets his butt out of that hospital, so TAKE THE PAIN MEDS!!! :0)

Hope the scan shows nothing untoward and that any pain that Eric is experiencing is swiftly 'n' hugs........Vx

Adrienne said...

It sounds like things are going as well as can be expected. Eric: Hang in there, it'll be over soon. Kathy: How are you holding up? I know it's a long road. This is what they mean by "a day at a time."

The puppy is adorable, of course. I hope he isn't keeping all of you too busy but you're an old hand at this. Love, Alison (Adrienne's mom)