Saturday, 21 February 2009

Counts up a smidge this AM:

HgB from 96 > 97
Platelets from 20 > 21
WBC from 1.6> 1.7
Neutrophils from .9 > 1.0

More changes to immunosuppressants due to the risk of a negative reaction between Tacrolimus and Voraconazole. Sheesh. It's always something.

BTW, Eric is outpatient and feeling okay. We head in to the BMT clinic in the mornings for blood work and fluids - other than that, he's doing his regular thing - putting in hours on the Wii and XBOX, being a Sens fan and chauffeuring Morgan around town...


Veronica said...

Sorry to hear that things continue to cause concern - hopefully today's slight raise can go a little way to alleviating that....I'm a huge fan of the Wii so glad that that little box is helping while away some hours ;0)'s hoping that everything heads on upwards from to all......Vx

Gail said...

Hey Eric and Kathy -
Keep the's working. Positive thoughts and prayers from Michigan for continued raising counts
:) Gail

Bekah said...

I vote blood counts are only allowed to go up, from now on.

And, constant chauffeuring, to Morgan, fun with Xbox and Wii...

If I only had that power. :sigh:

Nonetheless, sending love and positive vibes to all of ya.

<3 B

Anonymous said...

Kathy and Eric,

I've got you two on my mind big time.

onward and upward...