Saturday, 28 February 2009

More Good Days

Winter birthdays abound in our family. December is Shelley, January is Eric (his original birthday, he also has August and December now too), February is Dave (Shelley's husband), March is Zach and April is Morgan. So tonight we are going out for our big family birthday dinner.

Eric continues to truck along - we remain cautiously optomistic that the graft is settling down and holding tight. He is off (meaning no hospital visits) now until Tuesday when we return for some additional testing and expect to get results of yesterday's gallium scan. Honestly, that scan is mainly for baseline purposes. There are no plans currently for a biopsy or treatment. If there is Hodgkins in those nodes, it is very slow growing and we hope that a graft vs lymphoma effect will kick in.


Veronica said...

Raise a glass from us to all your birthday family members - have a great time! :0)
Thinking of you all the time, but special thoughts on Tuesday.......Vx

Gail said...

Eric and Kathy
I am so happy to read of Eric's continued great progress! I hope you enjoy a fun night out with your family :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you ALL enjoyed a WONDERFUL super on Saturday night!!!!:)
stacy xo