Thursday, 5 February 2009

Never a Dull Moment

Lots going on this week.... Eric had a CT Scan today. Hopefully this scan will give us more information on the spots on his liver and lung that developed during his transplant. Although all have been biopsied, nothing definitive has ever showed up. If the spots are smaller or the same, we can assume that there was an infection that is now under control (a fungal infection has been suspected for some time and Eric has been treated for this on an ongoing basis). If the spots are larger, then the docs need to figure out how to do another biopsy that would give us the definitive answer that is required. All expect that this would be invasive surgery.

There is some urgency to determine what these spots are. Eric has symptoms of GvHD that would be treated with steroids. He can't have steroids if there is any risk of active remaining infection.

Yes, the spots could be cancer. If so, the GvHD might be a good thing, in that it is expected that this response may indicate that the graft is also attacking the cancer cells. At the same time, the GvHD has to be controlled. Indeed, it's all a delicate balance...

Confused yet? Wait, there is more.

Eric also has an odd rash that infectious disease, hematology, BMT and dermatology have not been able to identify. They are planning to biopsy that as well. Again, it could be viral, bacterial or even Hodgkins.

So, while a large team sorts out these details, Eric is going into the BMT clinic daily for blood counts, fluids, assessments and tests. For long-time readers, you may remember that we are hitting the time that the graft was lost in Transplant 1. With that in the back of our minds, the close overview and scrutiny right now is very much appreciated. This graft is looking stronger - everyone knows that having it stick is the number one goal.

Dexter - the true supporter he is.... has decided to have sympathy diarrhea all week. Poor puppy is feeling much better today and is back to driving us crazy. Interestingly enough, he did throw up a sock at one point.... hmmmm.... I wonder?


Adrienne said...

It never gets easier, does it? I hope they figure out what's going on soon but I know sometimes it takes awhile. Eric, I hope you are feeling well and able to do some of the things you enjoy. Hugs, Alison (Adrienne's mom)

Veronica said...

Wow! Hoping some really dull days are ahead after they sort all this out - what a lot going on! Know we continue to think of you and wish nothing but the best for you, Eric and your family - here's hoping this coming week brings resolution and good news..........Vx

Bekah said...

Can I be immature and juvenile for a second, and curse?

Fuck, cancer. Seriously.

Eric. Kathy. Family. Me and the moms, Will be hoping for nothing, but a viral infection for those spots.

And that the lovely rash, that you're rockin' eric, is just because you want to be unique and special... and that'll fade over the next few days.

And most of all? That the grafting, sticks. And that healthy marrow, gets its act together, sooner then later.

And Eric, hoping more than anything that you and Morgan, and friends, are able to find some normalcy (fun) between all of these tests/hospital visits.

You (excuse me) fucking deserve it by now.

Again, apologize for my language. Sometimes, it's just necessary.

Sending so much love to you K --

<3 B

Shelley Jean Photography said...


Seriously, well said above.

Eric, I hope you are getting out and taking your mind off of this for a while at least.

I'm sure it is just a balancing act right now while the graft takes ahold and makes strong marrow for you.

Love you.