Monday, 23 February 2009


It's a rollercoaster - blood counts up on Saturday, dropped Sunday and rallied again today. At least the bouncing blood counts tell us that there is action in the marrow.

From Eric's history, we still assume that his marrow is not the best. Prior to the original transplant, his marrow could not create enough stem cells to move forward with an auto transplant. The doctors assume that this problem continues to plague him.

From my layman's perspective, it's like the marrow used up all it's reserve in boosting his WBC when he had the recent virus. Now everything is playing catch up and this new graft is again getting itself coordinated to produce enough cells on a regular basis. I have no facts to back this up - I just watch symptoms and test results and try to put the puzzle pieces together.


Veronica said...

There was once a time when I LOVED rollercoasters - but now that I have experienced more of life I DETEST them!! I prefer train rides now - no ups and downs just a happy medium, that's what I aspire to! :0)
We're all trying to puzzle out this thing along with you, Kathy - I reckon your layman terms are pretty accurate - a mother's instinct? We have everything crossed that Eric's marrow finds its own happy medium so that you can all heave a great sigh of relief.......thinking of you all as always.........Vx

Duane said...

Thinking about you. :)