Saturday, 23 May 2009

Catching Up

Young adults in cancer treatment end up having alot of catching up to do. Whether it's work, school, travel or friends - too much ends up having to slow down during treatment. That's why it's so amazing to read Adrienne's story. Adrienne has had Hodgkins for most of her life and all of her teenage and young adult years. Yet she graduated from college last week! Kudos Adrienne!

Eric's Catching Up

Eric has been trying to schedule his driver's test since he was diagnosed almost 3 years ago. I don't know how many times it was scheduled, but each time, he ended up in the hospital. You can bet that we had all become very leery about even thinking of scheduling that road test again. Anyway, last week he finally got to take his road test and passed it. Check one more 'catch up' item off that list! Getting back to school has been great for Eric - and I know that I am much happier to hear how his criminology test went than how some medical test went.

And finally, thanks to Cor and all the kids for my great birthday present. These scans don't do the family photos justice -- the actual prints are amazing.

All of us ...

Shelley and Dave...

Eric, Shelley and Zach


Anonymous said...

You are one gorgeous family! Cant wait to see more!
So happy Eric is "catching up" and can finally drive! Congrats Eric!
And congrats Kathy for everything you have accomplished. I really look up to you!


Anonymous said...

You have a gorgeous family Kathy!! Eric looks GREAT!
So happy to hear that life is going on!!!
Think about you often,
-The O'Neil's xo

Adrienne said...

These are gorgeous pictures. It's wonderful to see everyone look so healthy and happy. How cool to begin driving!!! There are so many things that seem so simple yet are so hard for some. Here's to everything else being easy. Hugs, Alison

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Duane said...

Wonderful photos of your beautiful family! Thanks for sharing. :) Thinking of Eric and you.