Saturday, 8 August 2009

Devastating Day

Eric is currently in ICU having a central line inserted and prepping for kidney dialysis. His kidneys shut down (we don't know why) and dialysis is his only option. We are praying that this is still reversible.

I will update when we have more information.

Prayers please.


Daria said...

I'm so sorry ...

laulausmamma said...

So sorry to hear of this latest issue Kathy - I can only imagine your concern and worry about the kidneys. Hope the dialysis will give them a jump-start and get them going again. You are in my thoughts and prayers - and sending love and support your way.

Bekah said...

Damn Kathy. I know how absolutely heartbreaking it is to hear that kind of news. But I have seen, with my own experience of my kidneys shutting down to a few others, that this could turn around as fast as it happened.

At least, I hope this is the case.
Hope the Dialysis jumpstarts those precious kidneys. And, that these scare days are soon behind you and Eric.

Please, please, keep us updated and in the loop with whatever information occurs.

We're all here for you, and absolutely love you, the fam, and especially Big E.

Sending Love,
warmth and healing,


Gail said...

Eric and Kathy -
my thoughts and prayers are with your during this difficult time. Keep strong ...keep trust and faith in God day at a time


Veronica said...

Please know that you are ALWAYS in our thoughts and prayers and we have greatly increased our efforts on reading and hugs to you and your family.....<3.....Vx

Anonymous said...

OH KATHY! This isn't what i expected to read today! :(
I'm thinking of you guys and talking lots to the guy upstairs. they'll get this fixed up ok xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Sending all that is positive Eric's way and praying, most definately!

Duane said...

Oh my god! I of course didn't expect to read this shocking news this morning.

Eric is my thoughts. Sending love to you both. :)

Anastasia said...

Dear Kathy and Eric's Family,

I am so sorry to hear about this sad news. Eric seems like such a beautiful soul. God be with you.