Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Eric's Legacy

These are the words that no one ever wants to write. I write this to remember Eric and share with all of you the gifts that he shared with our world. And as I write, I am aching that he didn’t have a chance to continue to share those gifts.

I like to think that it’s part of Eric’s legacy to inspire others to share some of these gifts and live our lives as he lived his own.

Love and Kindness…
This one is easy if you think about -- find your opportunity to extend an act of kindness or love on behalf of Eric. Take the first step -- Pay It Forward. Eric, I see you nodding.

Courage and Stamina….
Eric would tell you that he wasn’t courageous or brave – and stamina does wear thin. Because he had cancer, he just had to fight it. He would tell you that any of us would do the same….
What Eric showed us though, was how to face that type of adversity while being true to yourself, living your life in spite of chemo and blood transfusions and doctor’s appointments. What we saw as courage, bravery and stamina, Eric took for granted. He expected to stay in university, move into his own apartment, camp, play golf and go to hockey games. And he lived for today – he would want us to do the same. Live your life to the fullest .

Leadership and Hope…
Eric was fun to be around and he was optimistic. A smile and positive approach can’t help but inspire more hope. And he attracted the most wonderful friends - people who will now be lifelong friends because of Eric.

Eric wasn’t afraid to make the kind of tough decisions that none of us should have to make. He was thoughtful, he educated himself and then he trusted in his decision. Think of Eric and be true to yourself and your integrity. Actions speak louder than words.

Best Friends….
Eric, you gave me a very special gift when you introduced me to Morgan. Welcoming Morgan into our family was easy - I think the first time I met her she was sitting on the floor playing with one of the dogs! We’re kindred spirits and Eric, well – you know that Morgan and I need each other -- and you made sure that would happen.

Eric, I miss you more than I could ever imagine and endlessly more than I can ever describe in words. Last week we talked about my Mom – you wanted to know more about her and how it felt to lose her. I didn’t know then that I was introducing you two and that you were helping me to understand. Mom has been gone for over thirty years but in the last 2 weeks she has been closer to me than ever. Now I know why.

Rev Jim told us that we could expect to see you in little things and he’s right. How would a florist in the US or my GIO team know that your favorite houseplant is a Peace Lily? Yesterday the most beautiful Peace Lily with succulent dark green leaves and three white flowers arrived -- Coincidence? Nah.

This morning as I woke up and faced the horrid reality yet again, I wanted to curl up and make it all go away. Then an itsy bitsy spider started to descend from the ceiling fan and he was aiming right for me! That made me jump higher and faster than you can imagine (yes I can hear you laughing!). And I didn’t kill that spider by the way… I gave him a nudge with my book and sent him back to the ceiling fan. I’ll take him outside for you later.

Eric you are my hero. Love you forever. Fly with angels.
Love, Mom
August 11, 2009


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, Kathy

Veronica said...

Thank you, Kathy..........that is truly beautiful. Eric was just as lucky to have you as his mom as you were to have that privileged role.

Pay it Forward is one of my favourite films.......I'll try to remember the philosophy in Eric's name.

So much love and hugs....to you all.........Vx

Sharon said...

Kathy you have a way with words, what you wrote was very beautiful and moving.

Peace be with you


Anonymous said...

Im so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful son you raised. You Kathy are my hero. You were there for your son. You loved your son. Im a mom too, and you are living my worst nightmare. Words can not express how my heart aches for you.
Im so, so sorry. God bless you and your family.

laulausmamma said...

Thank you for sharing your inner most love and feelings about Eric Kathy. Your post is so thoughtful and beautifully written. My mom passed away in July and our family also asked to "play it forward"...something I have always done very often. Sending you love and warm ((HUGS)) of friendship and support.

Susan (HL forum)

Anonymous said...

I plan on Paying it forward in Eric's honor in any way I can. Small acts of kindness to strangers can brighten their day...just saying "HI" to someone can make them smile......and when I do I will think of Eric. What you wrote is very inspiring and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing his story with all of us who fight the same battle everyday. I am so sorry for your loss! God Bless you and your family.
Hugs from Donna H. Boston, MA

Cheryl said...


When I see the photos and read your words I see a young man so very similar to mine in stature and incredible strength. They are the brave ones.

We still have such a long road ahead.

Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of Eric and your family and will continue to do so.

Please take care.


Jenny said...

A beautiful celebration of life placed in to words. It is evident where Eric got much of his inner strength and courage -- it must have come from his mom.

Jenny (from the HD forum)

KirstenNotKristen said...


I am so very, very sorry for the loss of Eric. I really don't have the words, but know that for Eric those itsy bitsy spiders are safe in our house too.

Kirsten (in Vancouver)

Ann Breidenstein said...

Dear Kathy,

I'm so sorry to hear about Eric's passing. It has been awhile since I was last on the HD Forum and just learned about it late last night. My heart grieves for you.

Eric was a wonderful young man and the example he set will live on. Your words are beautiful. I think you were Eric's hero.

Thank you for staying on the HD Forum - your being there helps all of us.

God Bless you,

Ann (Readalot)

Maggie May said...

Dear Kathy

I am a mother of three who happened on this blog. I read with great and heavy sadness that you lost your Eric. My heart goes out to you, one mother to another. I say a prayer for Eric's spirit and for you. He sounds like an amazing kid, he has a great smile! Such a sweet face.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today Kathy and always. <3

Cheryl said...


My thoughts are with you.


Anonymous said...


I was a good friend of Eric's in World of Warcraft. For many years, we played the game together -- though I had never met him, his kindness and character were projected through the game into an intelligent, creative, funny individual who was a joy to share hours online with. We got to know each other quite well, and I am proud to have called him my friend.

His sudden disappearance shocked me, and searching his name online yielded this blog. Learning of his death shocked me. He had told me he had cancer, but the last I had heard from him was that he was very healthy... learning of his death is shocking and heartbreaking, and following this blog was one of the most difficult experiences of my life.

I'm so very sorry for your loss... it humbles me to tears. Please accept my sincerest condolences -- you are an extraordinarily strong and amazing mother to an equally amazing son. May he rest in peace.


Kathy said...

Anonymous - thank you for posting. It's really quite nice to know that Eric's personality and character came through in WoW too.

I know that Eric had many online friends and game friends and really didn't find a way to let all of you know what happened. Feel free to be in touch with me directly at kathy.macleod@gmail.com