Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Up and Down - In and Out

This ATG serum sickness is just damn annoying. It seems to be cyclical and just when you think it's gone, it's back. Fever's appear out of nowhere and the aching joints have Eric walking like a lil ole man some days.

Because of his transplant history and suppressed immune system, every fever means IV antibiotics and a hospital stay. He was admitted Sunday, out on Monday and admitted again yesterday. Because he is back in the BMT daycare program, it's a quick and easy admit at least. I think he will stay in a few more days this time.... but who knows - the serum sickness disappears as quickly as it appears.


Adrienne said...

How frustrating! Hopefully this will work itself out so Eric can get back to normal. Thinking of you from HOT Nevada. Hugs, Alison and Adrienne

Veronica said...

Really hope this sorts itself out soon.......thinking of you both.....Vx