Monday, 17 March 2008

Back Home!

Eric got out for good behaviour and is back home safe and sound! He is feeling 'okay' -- I don't think he'll be out partying for St Patrick's Day or anything, but he is feeling okay. And after the horrendous experience with the last round of chemo, we are all eager for him to keep feeling okay.

He will be on anti-'pain-in-the-ass'-biotics this week to help curb any re-occurrance of the infamous abscess. Tomorrow he will start giving himself daily neupogen injections to force those baby cells to be created and mobilized. His job now is to look after himself and grow stem cells!

Next week he will head back into the 5th floor medical day care unit for daily blood tests until they confirm that his stem cells are ready for collection. We need all your prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes, etc. -- we'll take it all. The stem cell collection has to work! Thanks everyone.

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Rob said...

Hello Kathy.I guess that this letter comes as a serprise to you.I hope that you are doing good.Hopefully Eric will get better I wish that there was something I could do for him.I felt devestated when I heard the news.Well I have some good news,I have been out of troble with the law for ten years now and alcohol and drug free for eight years and I have had my own apartment for five years things are good thanks to GOD,I get a pension from the Gouvernment every month that meets my needs.Well I will let you goe for now and I hope to hear from you soon.......Take Care Robert Brule