Sunday, 2 March 2008

Thinking Positive

This whole 'two steps forward and three steps back' situation we have been in since the start of the year has been frustrating to say the least.

BUT -- on Friday we had a very positive meeting with Ontario Works and ODSP (Ontario Disablity). They approved Eric immediately for Ontario Works and started the paperwork for ODSP. This will relieve some of the financial pressure - but as significant, it was actually a positive outcome. Those positives have been in short supply so we are very appreciative of the smallest success.

We have decided that Feb 29 was the official turning point and that everything is now focused on positive outcomes -- Eric quickly reminded me that this turning point had to include the Senators -- and yes, they finally managed to pull off a win against Pittsburg yesterday!

In other news, Zach has been into the General for his blood tests and Shelley is visiting the 5th Floor today to get her blood drawn. Not sure how long it takes to do the tissue matching...

Eric had a CT scan on Wednesday so we expect to hear from the BMT team next week as far as the status of that lingering abscess and some next steps. I have a sneaking suspicion that he is one of the thousands of people on that horrendous 277 day long MRI waiting list that is plaguing Ottawa. Oh look -- I just ran Ottawa through the Ontario Wait Times website and we are now up to 341 days. Not acceptable. Hopefully the CT scan will give us the all clear to start more chemo.

Tomorrow is Zach's birthday -- Happy 23 Zach! Shelley and Dave made a quick trip up this weekend so we all went out for dinner last night. Lone Star was yummy as always!

That's it, that's all -- as always many many thanks for all your prayers and positive thoughts

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