Thursday, 13 March 2008

More Chemo

Perspective is a funny thing -- who would ever think that we would be thrilled today to learn that chemo is scheduled for this weekend? Eric will be an out patient tomorrow for one infusion (Etoposide) and then will be admitted Sat - Mon for infusions of Carboplatin, Ifsofamide and more Etoposide. This is a chemo regimen called ICE and is commonly used in other SCT centers. It is not a common protocol in Ottawa but is being used for Eric because it has excellent results in helping to stimulate (and then mobilize) stem cells. It has all the usual side effects and his doctors continue to be concerned that the infection will return following chemo when his white counts drop -- we'll be watching for it.

Following the chemo, Eric will go on 8 - 10 days of Neupogen and then we will attempt to harvest stem cells again.

We asked why he was only getting one cycle of ICE prior to collecting stem cells -- there is concern that chemo is doing too much damage and impacting successful collection of stem cells. So, we are hoping and praying that we have stem cells safe and sound in the freezer by the end of the month.

And the Senators are leading at the end of the 1st period!

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