Thursday, 14 August 2008


We continue to be amazed at how well Eric is doing. His counts are nearing rock bottom and his mouth and throat are more sore each day but he continues to eat and drink well and feels "okay".

While he would be comfortable remaining at home, the BMT team will admit him tomorrow so that they can keep very close tabs on him while he is neutropenic in case of fever/infection. This is not unexpected or unusual. If anything, it is unusual that he is still at home and doing well this far into the transplant schedule.

Thanks again to all for the calls, cards, emails and blog comments. It is appreciated more than you know.


Duane said...

So glad to hear he is doing so well, Kathy.

I and everyone on the Forum is sending him an abundance of love and best wishes! :)

Keep pushing on.

Bekah said...

Hello My Dearest Canadians --

Actually a bit relieved that the BMT team is making Eric head into the hospital. These next few days, for the majority of transplanters are not the most pleasant. But, hey, Eric is quite the superman -- so I hope he sails through this part, unlike the rest of us ;)

Like Duane said, ALL of us are thinking of you two and sending positive vibes up north to you.

And tell that son of yours he sure knows how to make the rest of us look bad! Eating Harveys, doing most of this outpatient, going on walks. The thought! ;)

Okay kids, hope today is smooth transitioning into the hospital.

Big Hugs,