Friday, 15 August 2008

Change of Plans....

As there is a respiratory virus currently circulating in the hospital, the decision was made today to have Eric remain as an outpatient. Rationale being that, Eric is doing fine at home and increasing the time in the hospital increases the risk of catching this virus.

So he will continue on an outpatient basis and will be in isolation while in the day care unit.

Of course, all the outpatient guidelines regarding fever etc. remain in play. If he can't eat/drink or if he has a fever, he will be admitted.

We really didn't need any additional stress...

Today's blood counts:

WBC 0.2
HgB 82
platelets 20

Expecting a couple of units of RBCs and platelets tomorrow.


Veronica said...

Grrr - chopping and changing of plans is so hard! You get your head around one way then have to re-adjust to another.

Hope Eric continues to do as well as he has been doing.....thinking of you both.......xx

Anonymous said...


I hope the weekend going smoothly. Thinking of you guys.