Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Day +4????

Yes, that's right -- we have lost a day... No, no time travel! Because the transplant was late in the day on the Thursday, they count the Friday as Day 0. That means that today was day +4.

Eric is still visiting the outpatient BMT clinic daily - he hasn't felt the need to move to inpatient care yet. They check blood counts (still dropping each day) and give him fluids. Yesterday he also had another dose of methotrexate (one of the strategies to reduce GvHD). Sometimes there are changes in meds based on blood results or symptoms. A new drug to help with stomach issues was added today. Eric is feeling the effects - he has a sore mouth and is losing his taste buds. Nausea comes and goes.

He is still feeling well enough to request Harvey's for dinner tonight and go out for a walk with Morgan this evening.

We continue to focus on the current day. A transplant is a long process and while I like to know what to expect next, I stay away from guessing timelines or setting unrealistic expectations. Today was a good day and I know that we have the right teams aligned to keep the process moving in the right direction.

Have a great day everyone and give yourself a pat on the back if you are a blood donor!


Veronica said...

So glad things are progressing so well. You certainly seem to be getting fantastic care from your hospital and team of doctors.

Glad, also, that Eric is still enjoying his favourite foods ;0)

Hoping today has been just as good as yesterday............Vx

Tine said...

Thinking about you alot, hoping for a lot of good day's ahead.
Keeping you in my prayers.
Love Tine

Shelley Jean Photography said...

Going tomorrow night to donate! Dave is due this week sometime too. Of course, we don't go together anymore... ;)



Anonymous said...

Kathy, Just letting you know how amazing I think you are. The love you have for Eric and express through your devoted caregiving is totally palpable to all who keep up with his progress and cheer you both on. You are so well informed with regard to his tx and as crappy as it is that you have both had to endure this trial, you are both really lucky to know this kind of love; you can see it in your son's eyes in this last photo. Glad that Eric has been relatively well throughout the sct (and able to do it out-patient thus far because of his strength and yours). Wishing you guys smooth sailing... -Nora (hodge forum lurker; NED since 2006)

Bekah said...

Dear Kathy (and Eric)

Whooooop. All I have to say is hell yeah for requesting Harvey's on Day FOUR. What is Eric Superman or something?

SO pleased that Eric is able to get out and walk around, instead of being isolated. It must be SUCH a different world. being able to do that.

Sending a dose of Bekah-love your way guys,

Here's to today being as good as the last few,

Big Big Hugs,


Adrienne said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well. Eating food, much less a burger, is amazing. Be good to yourself, Eric, and don't overdo. Hugs to your mom (mom's rock). Alison