Saturday, 23 August 2008

A Little Detour

Well, that little fever that Eric has had all week finally spiked last night and he was admitted to hospital to allow a different IV antibiotic (PIP/TAZ) to be added to his list of meds.

And in good news, his white counts continue to rise (very slooooowly) and he is feeling just a smidgen better. At least his voice is almost back and he is able to swallow small bites of solid food.

I am taking a break and visiting Cor and the poodles in Morrisburg - yes, I am at home! Hopefully Morgan is also getting a good night sleep tonight (she did the ER run last night)and enjoys the Stream Watch program tomorrow.
You have probably all noticed the lovely blonde that is frequently seen with Eric in his pics -- that is Morgan! Morgan is probably the very best medicine that Eric has in his favour -- she and her family have been incredibly supportive and Eric is a very lucky guy to have such a sweetie for a girlfriend.

Saturday's Blood Counts

WBC 0.3
Hgb 79 (2 units today)
Platelets 27 (1 unit of single donor platelets today)

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Veronica said...

Hi Kathy - Morgan and Eric make an incredibly handsome couple - lovely to see them looking so happy.

Sorry to hear that Eric has been admitted to hospital, but glad they're going to get on top of that fever.

Hope you manage to get some much needed rest at home.........thinking of you both.........xx