Friday, 19 December 2008

Day +14

Eric's cough got a bit worse on Tuesday so we are back to droplet precautions (masks for all who enter his room and he is confined to his room) and yet another chest xray and CT scan. By yesterday his cough seemed alot better so not sure what's up. They also did a CT scan of his abdomen area as his red blood counts dropped more than expected on Thursday.

Not really alot more to update. We're waiting on blood counts to start to rise.... As the Ottawa team does not use Neupogen to artificially stimulate white cell production after and allo and he had a marrow infusion (rather than stem cells), engraftment is expected to take longer. First signs of higher blood counts are expected sometime between 15- 20 days.


Shelley Jean Photography said...

Eric, you sounded good when I spoke you you last night! Hope results come back clear. :)

Veronica said...

Thinking of you guys so much, daily.........what a long haul this time with waiting for engraftment - hope that wait doesn't last too much and hugs from a VERY cold Scotland........Vx