Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Day +18

These feel like long days.

There is some increase in neutrophils which is very good news - but it all feels very slow. I think we are all impatient and exhausted.

Physically, Eric is doing what they doctors expect. While they continue to monitor his lungs, no infection has ever been identified and he has not had a fever in some time. Quite amazing when you think of it.

He is getting TPN as of yesterday to give him a boost nutritionally.

And we are all very very happy that Harry is back. Harry is a pharmacist on the team who has always taken a special interest in Eric - he is a very very special man with an exceptional skill set and just an all-round nice guy.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Kathy and Eric. You guys are on my mind all the time. Here's to a better 09 for all of us.

To quote you Kathy " Cheers"


Veronica said...

Well, I've just added Harry to my list of good people in the world!! Don't know him from Adam but if he comes with your recommendation, Kathy, he's made the grade! :0)

Sorry things are so slow for Eric, but slow and boring can be good, if frustrating......:{

Hope things start to pick up and as Jane says - let's look forward with hope and positivity to 2009 - it's going to be THE year for all things good and healthy :0)

Love and hugs............Vx